Christmas Tree Maintenance


Nov 24

As a responsible parent and homeowner, you should strive to ensure that your Christmas tree is in good condition throughout its time in your home. At Millers Home and Garden, we have been supplying real Christmas trees to the Laois community for many years. With everyone looking to enjoy the festive celebrations, its very important to stay safe and not allow your tree to be a safety hazard.

Read along to ensure you have a healthy happy tree. 

Consistency is critical in maintaining your Christmas trees health, as a few days of neglect is all it takes for it to die.

We have put together some useful tree maintenance methods and tips for your Christmas Tree this year.

Start by selecting a healthy Christmas Tree 

This is the most significant step. If you buy a withered dying tree, all the maintenance tips to follow will be useless. If you are unsure of where to buy ask for recommendations from friends or neighbours, or better yet call into Millers. 

Before buying your tree, follow the guidelines below to ensure the tree is in good condition:

  • Try to ensure the tree have not been exposed to much light as this can lead to drying out. 
  • If there seems to be excess dry needles, move on to another tree.
  • With permission from the seller, raise the tree a few inches off the ground and drop it. Very few needles should fall off.
  • Try running your hands through the branches. If minimal needles fall off, then that's the tree for you. 
  • Most importantly, choose the right size for you.
  1. Trim the Trunk Twice to aid in water absorption

After selecting your Christmas tree, don’t put it up just yet. It’s important to trim the base of your tree. Use a Chainsaw or handsaw to get rid of any dry resin. Trimming the base of the tree is great for the absorption of water. 

You might want to put up your tree once you get home or wait a little while. If you choose to wait, then be sure to place it in a bucket of water in an area away from sunlight and strong winds. When you decide to put it up, trim the base once more. Finally, place it on a firm stand capable of holding water.

  1. Ensure the Tree always has enough water

Put simply don’t over water your tree, or let it dry out. Cover the base of the tree and throughout the day check once or twice to ensure there have been no spills and that there is water still around the base.

  1. Place your Tree away from Heat Sources 

Heat sources such as fireplaces, sunlight, radiators, and air vents will most likely lead to your tree drying out faster than usual. Try to choose a place away from these heat sources. 

  1. Dispose of your Tree at the right time 

Christmas trees are not lifelong investments. At some stage, you will have no option but to take it down. It would be best if you were to get rid of it early enough before it dries out. Otherwise, you will have a bunch of dried leaves on your floor. You may opt to recycle your tree, use it for a compost pit, mulch or somewhere else around your house.

If you’re not sure what to do with your tree, call into Millers and we can find a solution for you. Christmas trees are available from for the 27th of November for collection and delivery.

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