DIY Projects for Teenagers to do with their Parents:


Jun 2

As the summer holidays get into full swing and the weather gets better, it’s the perfect time to get your teens involved in some DIY projects.

Giving your teenagers a taste for the outdoors, exploring nature and growing those green fingers, doesn’t have to start somewhere exotic. You can do it from the comfort of your garden no matter how big or small.

At Millers, we are often excited to see whole families get in on the action of gardening and home DIY projects. For that reason, we have come up with a few novel ideas to get the kids involved when at home.

This will allow you time for a refreshing drink while your teens take care of the tasks at hand.

DIY Ideas for Teens:

Here is just a sample of some safe and easy tasks for your teens to undertake:

  • Installing fencing.
  • Building a treehouse
  • Installing shelving in your greenhouse or garden shed
  • Building a bird nest 
  • Forming a garden pool
  • Making a flower bed
  • Planting garden and solar lights
  • Creating a playroom or entertainment room

There is of course an endless supply of DIY projects that we are sure you can think of yourself. These we find quite popular and fun for kids of all ages.

The benefits of DIY projects:

Along with being able to build a great rapport with your kids and inspiring them to take on projects of their own, there are quite a few other practical benefits for your kids. These include:

  • Improving their confidence
  • Problem-solving abilities.
  • They will understand the need for safety and supervision.
  • They can show their work off to friends and family.
  • They will understand hard work.
  • Your kids will know how to handle certain tools safely.

All these traits can be passed on and used in life as they grow older.

Tips for working with teens:

It’s important to have patience and a good deal of time on your hands when you bring your kids along for your DIY projects. It may take quite some time to teach them the correct way to hammer a nail or pull a weed, this should be part of the fun. 

  • Turn each of the tasks into a game to inspire creativity and a fun way of learning.
  • If something is taxing, then simply move on to the next part of your project and you can always come back and finish up later.
  • Remember to always supervise your children especially if there are dangerous tools around.
  • Ensure your children understand the need for safety and taking their time when completing certain tasks.
  • Ensure both you and your children are enjoying the task. If something becomes too troublesome take a break and do something else.
  • Allow your child to perfect one task before moving on to the other. This way they build confidence and an understanding of what they are doing.
  • When all the handwork is done, make sure to show your appreciation.

Millers is always here to help you with any of your garden and DIY needs. Should you or your teenagers need tools or advice on completing a project, feel free to drop into us at any time and we will be glad to help.

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