How To Keep Your Gardening Tools In Shape


Oct 13

When you are purchasing quality gardening tools from Millers, you expect them to last for quite some time and they will. However, if you want an even longer life for your gardening tools it’s important to follow some simple steps. Maintaining the condition of your tools does not need a significant amount of time or work.

All you must do is include a little cleaning and upkeep into your gardening routine. Any gardener worth their salt will want the best for their garden and this goes the same for their tools. At Millers, we know how to take care of our tools and these simple steps will ensure yours last a very long time.

1. Clean Tools After Each Use

Cleaning your shovels or wiping the sap from your pruners with a clean cloth may be as easy as hosing them down. Investing a few seconds in these little chores can keep your tools in great shape and ready to use them the next time you need them.

Debris can cause rust and discolouration so it’s important to take a few moments and clean all the tools you use throughout the day. This will have the added benefit of keeping your garden shed nice and clean also.

Keep a cloth handy to whip down any of your tools.

2. Treat Wooden Parts with Linseed Oil or Varnish

Check your loppers, forks, and other gardening equipment for splintering periodically. You can sand them down to avoid any nasty surprises. To make them smooth and fresh looking add a protective layer of linseed oil or varnish when you feel it is appropriate. This will help protect the wood from the elements.

3. Sharpen the Edges of your Tools with a File

When the blade of your tools is dull, it will make any gardening task that bit harder to complete. Use a file to safely sharpen the edges of your hand tools. Ensure safety when doing this.

If you are unsure of what to do ask the team at Millers or hire the help of a professional, though we are sure you can get the job done.

4. Have a particular place for everything

There can’t be anything worse when gardening than not being able to locate the right tool for the job. It’s important to have a well-stocked and organised garden shed. Organize how you see fit, but always remember to return your tools to the right place, this will stop items from going missing or getting damaged.

A happy garden is an organised one.

5. Use Sand to Prevent Rust

When you're done with your garden equipment, don't simply throw them in a bin or bucket; they'll rust eventually. When the tools are not in use, immerse the metal components in sand to avoid rust.

Sand will help prevent moisture from affecting the metal. You could also ensure that your tools are dry before storage, but this all depends on what you find easier.

6. Use bleach to keep your garden healthy

That doesn’t sound right, does it? After using certain hand tools, clean the blades with bleach to avoid cross-contamination between plants.

7. Store Your HoseProperly

If you keep your garden hose coiled rather than folded, it will last twice as long. Coil it around a bucket and see what happens. It's worth noting that working with the hose is more accessible when the weather is neither too chilly nor too hot.

8. Oil Moving Components

Oil is required for any tool that has moving parts, such as snips, shears, or pruners. To keep moving components rust free and usable, regularly oil your tools and garden machinery

Taking care of your tools can save you money in the long term and prevent you from being caught short when you need to get a job done. If you ever have questions about keeping your tools clean and fresh, feel free to ask at Millers.

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