Keeping your tools safe from theft


Nov 9

Keeping your tools safe is becoming more important than ever.

Unfortunately, we hear of more and more cases of tool theft across Ireland. Your garden and DIY tools don’t always come with a cheap price tag. At Millers, we understand that professional tools are an investment for years to come. Depending on your garden and DIY plans, you may have a cupboard with all your tools or an outdoor shed, not only can they sometimes be costly, finding the right tool to fit your specific needs can be a journey. Everyone has tools and techniques that work for them, a tool that works perfectly for someone else, might not be your personal favourite.

That’s why it’s important to keep your tools safe. Losing your favourite tool can be quite frustrating, so like with anything you cherish, they need to be cared for and protected properly.

Below we have outlined some basic tips to help keep your tools safer from theft.


Simple Tip, but with the economic crisis caused by Covid, burglary is on the rise. That’s why it's so important to protect your tools against theft. Make sure all your tools are locked and tucked away from any possible threats. 

Burglars are getting more creative by the day, so it’s important to use quality keys and locks. Here at Millers Home and Garden, we offer quality key cutting services to suit any of your specific needs. Not all locks and keys provide you with the same level of safety, so we highly recommend you pick the ones that will help you sleep at night knowing that all your precious tools won't just disappear.

A lot of burglaries can be easily prevented by always locking up, closing the window, and choosing the right key cutting services, like ones we provide at Millers Hardware Store. Small deterrents can make a big difference.


Opportunists love simple mistakes we make every day. Should you be out and about trying to make sure any valuables are out of sight. This of course does not simply apply to your tools.

Even when parked in your driveway or garden ensure your car is locked and that any alarm system you have is in good working order.


For professionals that often carry tools in their van, we suggest you carefully consider where you park your van. Tradesmen should also make sure that they invest in a loud car alarm to protect the tools that make your job possible. Never leave your van in a dodgy street overnight and never give a spare key to anyone. 

If you want to be doubly safe a padlock or chain is always a great visible deterrent and something sure to make a bit of noise should someone think about messing with your vehicle.


It’s important to keep your tools safe against burglary, but damage control is just also a necessary step. Name and tag every single item your equipment consists of. Consider engraving your name on the most expensive of tools and preferably your toolbox so that the items can be tracked if the worst were to happen.

Marking your items is always a great way to ensure loaned items are returned should you forget yourself where it has gone. Too often our customers have come in looking for an item they loaned but never got back.


If you’re a tradesman, burglary could very well put you in a difficult situation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so it’s wise to ensure the tools that help you bring food to the table. 

Should you be missing an item or simply looking for some safety advice call into Millers today for a chat and we can see what your options are. We stock a wide range of garden machinery at our Laois store and workshop. You can also choose to buy from our online shop. Stay Safe, Millers.

Also, check out our blog about storing your garden machinery during winter.

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