Maintenance on a Lawnmower


Sep 8

Whatever type of lawnmower you may have, maintenance is something that you need to consider. Machinery can be expensive and can be adequately maintained over a long period. This will ensure that you get years and years out of your gardening machinery. It is important that you service every engine at regular intervals.

With a lawnmower, before every use, you should give your machine the once over to ensure tyres are pumped, oil is adequate and that the machine is clean.

Getting your Lawnmower serviced

You should consider giving it a service annually. It will not be necessary to change all the serviceable items but bringing it to a workshop will allow you to get a reliable analysis. A qualified mechanic will advise you on what may need attention on your machine.

Lawnmower servicing Items that should be checked include; spark plugs, air filter, levers, grease joints, oil, fuel filter, blades, tires and belts.

A typical service on a professional grade lawnmower will typically involve an oil change, replacement of parts and an overall check to ensure that everything is working at its best.

Keeping the mower in good order

Keep the underside of your mower clean to ensure proper suction of the cut grass into the grass collector. This can be achieved by rinsing the underside of your mower with a hose after every mowing session.

If you’d like to sharpen the blades of your mower yourself, we advise that you follow these stages:

  • Remove the blades and clamp in a vice for sharpening.
  • Run a sharpening file across the angled edge of the blade to remove any burrs, chips or damage.
  • File from the centre to the outside tip of the blade, always holding the file firmly at the same angle as the angled edge of the blade. Keep filing until the angled face is smooth and the edge of the blade is sharp.
  • Reinstall the blade and tighten the attachment nut.

Be sure to prepare your machinery for safe keeping each year prior to storing them away. This process will allow for greater machinery care and parts will have a greater chance of operation.

workshop lawnmowers

Lawnmower Repair

Having machinery in working order allows you a hassle-free approach to maintaining your lawn throughout the year. Unfortunately, with all machinery, there are times when things don’t go as planned and a repair is necessary. Lawnmowers can typically be repaired and can be quite affordable. Our workshop team have been helping the people of Laois maintain their gardening equipment for generations. We also offer a collection/delivery service for larger machinery such as Ride- on Mowers throughout the greater Portlaoise area.

We stock and service a wide range of lawn mowers and always welcome the opportunity to find the best solution for you. Drop by our Portlaoise Hardware Store or give our team a call.

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