Lawn Growth and Maintenance


Sep 2

Lawn growth and maintenance are two important areas for anyone who takes pride in their garden whether it is big or small. But for those with a freshly planted lawn, the slow pace of growth can sometimes be a little frustrating. At Millers, we have come up with a few suggestions that may help your lawn grown faster and with a little thicker.

As with all things outdoors though, the key is patience and consistency. With the right lawn seed and machinery by your side, you will have green and lush grass in no time.


One of the best ways to grow a thick and lush lawn is to overseed your existing grass area. Overseeding allows you to simply fill in the gaps and get a thick lawn in no time. Of course, for new lawns, this will take a bit of time, but it will certainly, make your lawn look much better.

Talk to our lawn experts at Millers for the best time to overseed and what seed is best for the look you are going for. We recommend that you routinely overseed your lawn to keep it healthy and fresh looking.


You knew this one was coming, but of course, fertilization of your lawn is key. Without the right nutrients, grass will simply not grow. You can pick up quality fertilizer in-store and get it to your lawn in no time. With the right Ph and nitrogen levels, grass will take root quicker and grow more healthily.

Being in Ireland we have the benefits of regular rainfall, but this also has the drawback of washing away fertilizer and nutrients from our soil, that is why it’s important to regularly fertilize your lawn and ensure there is a good balance of nutrients for your grass to grow. 

Remove weeds and moss:

When you want your lawn to grow, having it compete with unwanted weeds and moss can be a real pain. That’s why it is important to treat weeds and moss immediately so your lawn can get the most out of your irrigation and fertilization efforts. Check out our other article on the best way to treat moss on your lawn and why it may still be persistent.

For weeds, you can always buy a safe herbicide designed specifically to tackle these issues or you can go the more traditional route of physically removing the weeds from your grass patch. This is always a good time to include the kids should you have them around the house during a nice summer evening.

Mow your lawn for maintenance and growth:

Once you have an established lawn its important to mow your lawn properly. Many homeowners over cut their grass or cut it to the wrong height leading to a thin an unattractive lawn. Check out the optimum height for your lawn and what suits your look better.

Mowing your lawn properly reduces the needs for continued fertilization and maintenance and you can also use some of the waste from lawn mowing as mulch and fertilization in the future.

It’s very important to undertake proper lawn mower maintenance also. This ensures you have a machine that is reliable, safe, and ready to use.

Check out this piece on lawn mower maintenance. You will be surprised by the little changes you can make that will save you money on repairs and ensure you have a tool that will work wonders in your garden.

At Millers, we stock all the supplies you need for a healthy and lush lawn including seed, seed spreaders, lawnmowers and more.

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