Protecting your machinery, tools, and garden during the Winter Season


Oct 23

Good gardening tools are an investment and taking care of them during the winter months when they are not in use is important. 

At Millers , we want to provide you with quality tools and equipment that will last for years to come.

Cold and wet weather can be hazardous to your tools and there are a few things you can do to store and protect your gardening tools properly so that in the spring they’re ready for use. 

 Here’s our advice on storage and maintenance for machineries such as Lawnmowers, Chainsaws, and general gardening equipment.

  • Clean your tools the right way

Like with storing anything, cleaning is always the first step and is simply good practice. Rinse and dry your tools after every use and not just at the end of the season. Make sure to scrape any dirt and get any rust off using some sandpaper. 

Run your hands over your tools handles to see if there are any cracks. Use a detergent or varnish to strengthen your handles and add an extra layer of protection.

But before that, if you do come across some splinters, file them! If your handles are broken or damaged, it’s better to replace them. Call into Millers and we can see what fixes or replacements are available. 

Any tools used for digging should be sharpened using files - or call into us and we can take care of that for you.

After you’ve completed all these steps, it’s important to condition your tools. You’ll be surprised to hear that the best conditioning product is already in your kitchen! 

Any vegetable oil will do the job. Just soak an old rag in some vegetable oil and grease your tools so they last longer and are more resistant to the cold or rust. You can also use lubricant for metal parts that are specialized for rust protection.

workshop lawnmowers
  • Make sure you protect sprayers and hoses

Gardening sprayers are essential and can be an expensive part of your gardening equipment. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked when getting ready for winter.

Make sure to use a sponge and soapy water to give your sprayers a good clean and dry them thoroughly. 

Inspect the exterior for any damage that you may have missed earlier so that when spring arises you can put your sprayers to work, instead of buying a new one. 

Any cracks, corrosion or rust will only get worse in the winter, so it’s better to repair them now. It’s also a good idea to flush out the system before the winter so that there’s no cross-contamination developed, but also so that nozzles don’t get clogged.

Gardening hoses also need some care but are a lot easier to maintain. Drain them and remove the nozzles - any damage and leaks can be fixed quite easily. All you’ll need is some electric tape and you're done.

  • Power equipment

Change oil in your petrol-powered equipment to make sure they survive the winter. Run the engines after changing the oil before you rinse out any muck and dirt. It’s also a good idea to grease the joints and blades of your mowers and strimmers before you store them. You don’t want any rust developing in the cold! We also have an in-store workshop if you feel there is anything that needs essential maintenance prior to putting it away in storage.

Power tools Laois
  • Dormant seeding

Dormant seeding is important if you plan to tackle your garden early. Seeds won’t germinate but it gives them a little more time to settle and begin growing as soon as warmer weather comes back. 

Talk to our team today on the best methods to fertilize and grow your garden in early Spring. We stock a range of lawn seed and everything you need to treat your lawn. Check out our blog on Lawn Maintenance for further info.

Call in to our store, give us a call or shop online at our new e-commerce store.

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