Removing Moss from your Lawn


Jul 21

Moss can be useful for several things around the garden, but ‘on your lawn’ is typically an
area that you should eradicate it when possible. Have a read of our quick guide to learn why
moss may be appearing on your lawn and how we recommend you treat it.

Lack of Sunlight

If your lawn is typically in a shaded area, moss has a much higher ability to grow and dominate over the grass. Usual factors causing excessive shading may be large obstructions such as sheds, trees and bushes. Our team usually suggest that you undertake a pruning exercise to help increase the sunlight on the lawn area. Depending on the factors of your garden, you may require extensive tree surgery or simply annual pruning of hedges. If the obstructions cannot be removed, a good alternative to look for is to sow a grass seed that is more suitable for shaded areas. Once the moss has been removed this grass seed may help restore the desired lawn.

Poor Lawn Drainage

If the ground is excessively wet for long periods of time, drainage is an area that you need to tackle. Moss thrives in wet soil, so drainage is clearly a primary factor. To tackle this, reduce over watering of your lawn where possible. We also advise that you tackle the drainage ability of your lawn. Use a garden fork across your lawn to increase drainage to the area to support optimum grass growth.

Low Ph Levels in the Soil

If the soil on a lawn is too acidic, it becomes unsuitable for healthy grass growth. Without this grass growth, the moss takes over and dominates the lawn. There are many lawn treatments that can be applied to help balance the PH Levels of the soils. These treatments typically involve lime and iron which help breakdown the existing moss that has grown on the lawn.

Lawn Mowing may be the Cause

If you don’t have a regular mowing schedule in place, you may be contributing to spreading moss on your lawn. Cutting the grass too short removes the grass’ ability to fight of the growth of moss. Simply raise the level of your mower and keep mowing the grass on a regular basis. Maintaining the grass at a healthy height ensures that you give your lawn a great chance to remain at its best.

Hardened Ground

If the earth on your lawn has become compressed and hardened over time, it may be difficult to grow grass. Barren patches tend to develop in these hardened soil areas. The reduction of oxygen in the soil allows the moss to take over. If this is the case on your lawn, you need to introduce air to your lawn. You can use a lawn aerator tool or a garden fork to create holes for oxygen to reach the soil.

Fresh Spread of Seeding

Be sure to reseed any areas of your lawn that requires fresh growth of grass. Once you have removed moss and tackled the usual causes of moss, fresh grass seeds will allow the grass to dominate the soil once again.

If you require any additional advice about treating your lawn, our team are always available to offer our customers professional insights. We also stock a wide variety of lawn seeds, garden plants, moss treatments, garden tool and garden machinery to ensure that your garden looks its best.

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