September Gardening


Sep 9

September is a busy month in the gardening calendar, and here’s how to make the most of it.

Your lawn will need a bit of attention in September. At the very least, put down some autumn lawn feed so that it can absorb the goodness before the frosts. Ideally, you should take the time to scarify your lawn, which will get rid of the moss to let light and air get to the roots that need it – especially in autumn when light becomes scarce.

Border plants and shrubs can suffer in cold winter weather, and it’s a good idea to protect their roots now to keep them healthy over autumn and winter. All you need to do is put down some mulch or bark to provide insulation. Just remember to scatter cat repellent to avoid any visitors from kicking up the chippings.

Golden leaves look lovely and make a satisfying crunch when stepped on, but they can cause problems if left. They are susceptible to fungal infections, which can affect the rest of your plant, and they can prevent light from getting to your lawn. And while their rotting is a good way to create leafmould (a great garden compost), you don’t want them rotting in parts of your garden, like ponds. Rather than leaving them on the ground, collect and store them in bin bags or a chicken wire cage to make compost that you can put down in a more controlled way.

So, enjoy September and the ''fruits'' of your labour!

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