Simple Garden Tool Fixes


Jan 20

People enjoy gardening for many reasons, the relaxation felt in the garden, the pride in your handy work, or simply to show off your skills. No matter your reason for gardening, it’s important to have the right tools to get the job done properly. 

If you are a keen gardener, chances are you have plenty of aged, rusty and worn-down tools. At Millers, our workshop is geared to fix all manner of problems big or small. 

If you take a more hands-on approach this piece should give you some guidance on small fixes you can undertake yourself. For anything larger, and especially engine related, we highly recommend you call into Miller’s

What can go wrong with your typical garden tool? 

Some of the most common garden tool disasters include shovel handles breaking, cords being cut, hose leaks, cutting edges becoming a bit dull, and metal tools becoming rusty. All these no matter how careful you are, are typical and unavoidable. At some point while gardening, you are bound to encounter one or all these problems. Just look at these problems as learning opportunities and ways to impress your friends with your knowledge. 

Garden Repair Tools

Below is a list of some of the standard tools you will need to fix your garden equipment. The fixes are easy and shouldn’t take up a chunk of your time. You can find all these tools, plus some quality advice at Millers.

  • Steel File
  • Stanley Knife
  • Vice 
  • Joiner
  • Wire Brush
  • Lubricant

Common Tool Problems

Identifying garden tool problems is quite easy and you have probably been avoiding them for a while. You will easily notice a broken handle or a leaking hose. You can also experience difficulties while cutting or digging due to dull blades. Other noticeable problems include rusting equipment and loose grips. If you are unsure, take a day to go through your garden shed and set aside tools you feel need a fix.

  • A Hole in Your Hose

This is one of the most common and manageable problems. You will need a Stanley knife, a joiner and possibly some grease or other lubricant.

  • Identify the leak/s
  • Cut through the hose on each side of the leak
  • Attach both ends of the hose to the joiner, you may require a lubricant if it’s a bit stiff
  • Gently increase the water pressure to ensure everything is attached properly
  • Dull Blades

Blunt tools are quite common and easy to fix. If you have a workbench or vice, this makes things a lot easier. You will also need a file to sharpen the edges.

  • Remove the blade from the handle if possible
  • Place it within a vice or on a workbench
  • File from the body and be careful not to slip

For larger blades such as those from, a lawnmower or strimmer’s, call into Millers as removing the blades and sharpening them can be quite difficult.

  • Rusting Tools

Rust is a notorious culprit that tends to affect most if not all your garden tools. Removing it is relatively easy provided you follow the steps below. 

  • Place your rusty tools in some white vinegar and leave for a few hours
  • Clean down the tools with a steel cloth
  • Dry and hang up
  • To protect your tools further remember to oil joints and store them away in a safe location.

These are not the only fixes available for garden tools problems, but they are the basic ones. Sticking to our guidelines will ensure you get to enjoy your garden for longer with these simple fixes.

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