What are the Advantages of a Robotic Mower?


Oct 8

A robotic lawnmower is becoming more popular among homeowners. This is owing to the widespread use of intelligent technology, which can now be found in a wide variety of goods, and the many benefits that a robotic lawnmower offers over traditional lawnmowers. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using a robotic mower.

Quick and Easy to Use

Installation of a robotic mower is quick and easy, and it may be put into action immediately after installation. Once the perimeter wire has been installed, the only thing left to do is determine the appropriate cutting height and mowing times for the lawn.

This may be done in a matter of minutes using a smartphone's touch screen or an app that connects to the robot through Bluetooth technology.

Requires Low Maintenance

When compared to traditional hand lawnmowers, which need periodic maintenance such as replacing filters and filling up oil, robotic lawnmowers require very no care at all.

Regular cleaning, which is simply needed for any kind of lawnmower, is the only maintenance task that has to be performed. The only other maintenance task is the periodic replacement of blades.

Very Little Time is Spent on Lawn Maintenance

The most significant benefit of a robotic mower is the amount of time it saves on lawn maintenance. Upon completion of a one-time installation and laying of the perimeter wire, the gadget is fully self-sufficient and can also manage the charging station entirely on its own.

The fact that the grass does not need to be mowed every week for a few hours allows for much more free time, particularly in more extensive gardens. Another benefit over traditional lawn mowers is that you don't need to trim the margins of the grass. Grass trimming is a time-consuming task that takes up precious free time that might otherwise be spent elsewhere. Moreover, it lowers the amount of time you have to spend fertilizing your grass.

Makes Your Lawn Uniform and Beautiful

Using a robotic mower may substantially improve the overall condition of a lawn over time. A grass may become very lush and thick as a result of frequent trimming. Weeds, on the other hand, have a reduced probability of spreading.

Mulching also has a significant impact on the overall appearance and health of the grass. Like most other lawnmowers, the robotic lawnmower does not gather the clippings; instead, it just leaves the grass blades where they are on the lawn.

They decay in a short time and provide organic fertilizer to the soil in a natural manner. This also implies that there will be no clippings to dispose of since there will be none.

Gives You Smooth and Precise Cutting

Robotic mowers are renowned for their precision in cutting. The stalk tips are chopped neatly by the blades of the machines, while most traditional lawnmowers tend to knock them off with their blades. Consequently, the cut is immaculate since there is no fraying or formation of brown ends on the grass blades.

Another benefit is the use of a robot model with a mowing deck hung by a pendulum. The unique deck follows the shape of the ground, no matter how rough or imprecise it is, and always guarantees a perfect cut on every occasion.

Produces Less Noise Compared to Lawn Mower

Indeed, traditional lawn mowers are among the gadgets that can irritate a whole neighbourhood. With a noise level ranging between 80 and 90 decibels, the amount of time spent working is restricted to avoid violating local noise control laws.

When using a robotic mower, the scenario is much different. The quietest versions have a sound pressure level of less than 60 dB and are hardly audible from a few meters away. Operation throughout the late evening and weekend hours are theoretically possible as a result of this arrangement.

Better for the Environment

Robot lawnmowers are significantly more environmentally friendly than the electric lawnmower, which must be plugged in all of the time, or the conventional lawnmower, which emits gas emissions and harmful toxins. Robot lawn mowers will assist you in reducing your environmental impact by mowing your lawn.

A  robotic lawn mower is valuable, allowing the device to have, particularly if you have the funds. You can install it in one day and then have it take care of some of your outside chores.

Check below for a list of Robot Mowers we sell at Millers Home & Garden. 

STIGA Autoclip 230 S Robot Mower

At Millers Home & Garden, we stock robotic mowers. The STIGA Autoclip 230 S is a robot lawnmower that can mow lawns up to 2,000 m² with four separate cutting areas, operating continuously for 4-hour cutting cycles.

STIGA Autoclip-530SG Robot Mower

The STIGA AUTOCLIP-530SG Robot Mower is a smart robot lawnmower designed for large lawns, which can handle areas up to 3,200 m² and eight separate cutting areas. The powerful 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery enables the Autoclip 530 SG to operate in 3.5-hour cutting cycles, after which it returns itself to its charging base.

STIGA Autoclip 550SG Robot Mower

The STIGA Autoclip 550 SG is the ideal robot lawnmower for large lawns up to 5,000 m², capable of handling eight cutting areas. Powerful lithium-ion batteries enable it to operate in up to 7-hour cycles and return itself to its charging base.

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